Friday, April 22, 2011


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gab3s said...

As usual, Mr. McGuinnis, in his tryptich spoofing our inimitable culture, pulls the zipper over our eyes, as it were. A lovely pastiche of forms, there is within it something oddly unsettling, like chicken $ waffles perhaps, but in any event distinctly American. What saves it from the mundane, besides the telling allusion to sausage bacchanals, is the insidious leer of certain well known figures - in essence subverting the established wisdom of the breakfast cereal crowd. I say Bravo! and would hope the suggestion our esteemed artist turn his talent for mockery toward issue of more immediate concern be soundly rebuffed. As Duke Ellington said, "If you don't know now, you never will." Similarly, it is inane to think a piece that cuts the barrel doesn't pierce the veil. Ciao.